Wednesday, 15 April 2009

What the superstars of the sports world have to teach us about doing business online

- What makes the fans follow some big sports stars more than others?
- A new business TV show finds valuable internet marketing tips to be learned from the world of sports

The public adores sports stars, and nothing shows this more than the monthly search stats on Google, where the most popular players and managers rank alongside movie stars in terms of traffic and popularity.

But what is it that makes some stars more popular with grass roots fans than others? It’s not just a matter of results on the field, that’s for sure.

This new business TV show looks into the data to uncover the secrets of the most popular figures in sport, to see what business can learn from the digital superstars about online marketing:

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And Finally - a big COME ON to Everton this weekend who will be fighting it out with the mighty Manchester United for a place in the F.A Cup final!


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